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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Always by Rafa's side on the way to clay & hard court dominan

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
I have. It's been fun.

Drop too?

AND stroopwafels

Are you kidding? People are nuts about that spread. You have the regular spread and the spread with small chunks in it or the spread with chocolate in it. So many people are seriously addicted to it. I'm not. As I said: I prefer the regular biscuits between two slices of white bread and a bit of butter.
Maybe I'd like the spread more with the chocolate in it... still doubtful. But I don't like the idea of eating a a biscuit with bread and butter either! Next time I see the biscuits here I will buy them and try it just out of curiosity!

Did you go to a Leonidas shop? Those are more than excellent.
Yes I went into multiple shops and was buying myself a few at a time. Leonidas was one of the ones I went in a few times and yes they are nice (when they aren't hazelnut praline )

It's criminal that you can't buy it there.
It's devastating really. My brother in law works in a bar and in '09 when I got home he tried investigating if he could get access to it and it was going to cost SO much to import it it just wasn't worth it.

Guess I'll just have to return there one day so I can have some more
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