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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Always by Rafa's side on the way to clay & hard court dominan

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post

I forgive you for not liking speculoos, waffles and *gasp* preferring Dutch chocolate.

There are so many different sort of waffles. I'm totally convinced that if you don't like waffles, it means that you haven't tasted the right sort of waffle. I prefer vanilla waffles.
I see you really have been reading my European adventures

Waffles I don't DISlike, but I'm not a big fan and definitely won't miss them now I've left.

As for Belgian chocolate, the main thing there is that SO many of them are full of hazelnut praline and I REALLY hate hazelnut praline no matter where it is made. Four years ago in Antwerp I bought a box and nearly all of them were hazelnut praline. This time I was more picky and chose ones that appealed to me more and they were lovely
I still prefer Dutch Droste chocolate though

I also love 'drop'
Speculoos is not to be disliked. There are different kinds of speculoos/speculaas, though. The sweeter sort of speculoos made by Lotus is a masterpiece. It's as simple as that: you're a dolt if you don't like speculoos. Have it with a cup of lemon tea and you have a perfect experience. However, the sandwich spread based on speculoos is vile. You need to eat the cookie directly on white bread with a bit of butter. Forget the speculoos paste.
The biscuits are not great. We sell the Lotus ones here some places and I'd eat one if given one but would not buy them myself. The spread stuff is indeed vile. People actually eat that stuff and enjoy it?

The thing I really do miss and don't quite know how I'm going to survive without is kriek. I fell in love with it in '09 and this time I got to taste it for longer and I can't access it here at all
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