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Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #54 | Malaysian Open 2013 | Thread under construction

Remember that...

Picks format:

It should be "PAWXX Player1 over Player2", where XX goes from 01, 02, 03, ..., 11, 12, 13.

-> You shouldn't start your picks with PAW1, or PAW2, etc. always you have to put two numbers after PAW, so the correct way is PAW01, or PAW02, etc.

-> You shouldn't put a ":" after PAWXX, so you shouldn't write "PAWXX: Player1 over Player2" and the correct way to post it is "PAWXX Player1 over Player2".

-> You should put the word "over" between the two players of the match. You shouldn't use some synonyms like "defeat", "wins", etc.

-> The players are named by their last name. You should write the first letter of the player's last name in capital letters, and the other in minuscule letters. So you shouldn't write "PAWXX PLAYER 1 over PLAYER2" and the correct way to write it is "PAWXX Player1 over Player2".

Why I'm advicing you? The reason is that I'm using the Evita's templates to manage this tournament and if you put your picks in other format I will have to enter it to the template manually correcting your pick style to my pick style, so it is better to everybody just to follow these rules, that are very simple and helps me a lot in order to spend less time.

Late pics:

You can make picks before the first point of the match is played. In order to check if your pick was in time or not I will use website

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