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Re: All About Ernests - Interviews and Articles

Today interview, after SF win:

Ernests Gulbis: I really want to win a tournament in Russia

September 21, 2013, 14:48 | Author: Denis Kuznetsov, |

Ernest, we congratulate you on your victory and reaching the final. It seemed that at the beginning of the match you were trying to go further ... -

Just do not get enough sleep. Yesterday could not sleep and had to get up early today because of the training and other things. So, really had to cheer myself to fight charge. -
So you cheered yourself by shooting down the billboard. Hpw often did this happen? -
Of course, this has happened before (laughs). This is not the first and certainly not the last time.

With the score 3/3 in the first set, you took a dialogue with the judge, and then went out on the court to physician, whom you did not need. What happened?

- When I fall, then scraped knee. Bled. The judge wanted the doctor stopped the bleeding, but at the moment when the doctor came, bleeding had stopped. I said do not need help. Just did not want to call the doctor
- There are players who know how to treat water bottles. Arranging them, making sure they had a certain amount. You now have the first set brought four special bottles ... -
No, no rituals I have, it seems to you. I always have a small bottle, with a secret drink (laughs). -
In the previous seasons in St. Petersburg personal fans came regularly from Latvia, which gave the mouthwatering flavor stands. -

Yes, they were just drinking all day. This year, they are not here just because last week we played in Latvia Davis Cup match, so that they were all drunk. -

Is it enough just the support from the St. Petersburg public? -

Absolutely! -

Ernest, you have not won a single tournament in Europe. For you, it is essential to win in the Old World? -
For me it was important to win the tournament in Russia. I have one-quarter of Russian blood. My grandmother is Russian. She raised me. I only read in Russian, I have many friends in this country, I feel I belong here. Of course, for me it is important to perform well here.
In the U.S. it was easier to play. You are going away somewhere for a month, and you know anything else besides tennis.
In Europe, constantly keeps the idea that if you lose, you'll go home, you can stay still somewhere. When you go to America, then it is easier - you do not have anything other than tennis. -

Do you have the whole day ahead. What will you do? -

Yesterday evening went to the Philharmonic see the performance of Vyacheslav Butusova. I really liked it, good evening turned out.
Today, unfortunately, there is nothing interesting I could found. I'll go take a rest, good sleep. No plans for today, no. -

How important to display nice tennis of your game? -

It is important that the audience was interested. I like it when it turns out interesting duel. When the opponent shows a good game. I have a lot of matches in my career, losing beautifully, so now I want to win, albeit not pretty. -

You said that you read in Russian. What kind of books do you prefer? -

I like modern literature. I read Victor Pelevin - loved it. -

What do you think about player you might meet in the final? -

I do not know. I cannot imagine how they will play. I played Garcia-Lopez only twice in my life, he is an experienced player. Did not play Sousa, so I want to try, may be easier to play. — Эрнест Гулбис: Очень хочу выиграть турнир в России |

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