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Choose The Best Players(CTBP) - Asian Tour

Choose The Best Players(CTBP) - Asian Tour

What is Choose The Best Players?

This is a new game, the players have to choice 11 players from the ATP that will play the Asian Tour. But you have some rules to pick your players they have to be in the next way

2 players from TOP 10
2 players from No. 11-20
2 players from No. 21-50
2 players from No. 51-100
2 players from No. 101-200
1 player outside of Top 200.

New Rules

1-10		*1
10-20		*2
21-50		*3
51-100		*5
101-200		*7
201+		*10
• This means if the players of the category 51-100 score 125 points, your score for the game will be 600.
• You can change 2 players of any category every week but you can't use these players again.

DEADLINE: When the first match of MD from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok start. You can post here your picks or you can send it by PM. Ranking from September 16

Please post your pick like a list


If you have any question send me PM or post it here. And if you have suggestion write it in this thread

Yo que querría poder contarte que ahí afuera está la vida y solo hay gente que quisiera comprenderte, y abrazarte, y alegrarte y ayudarte siempre.

Pero no, duerme que ahí afuera solo hay monstruos, solo hay gente que te compra y que te vende, que te odia, que te miente, que te roba, que te mata, que te viola y que no siente nada.

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