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Re: Nick Kyrgios - Yes He Canberra

Originally Posted by RustyOz View Post
Seems like you were doing a bit of "keyboard warrior-ing" of your own on the forum Mate...
Oooh that must have hurt the Pole!
Your comment is uneducated, misguided and ultimately incorrect. The definition of a keyboard warrior, is someone who will attack a person personally, through slander or defamation with no intention/ability to back up their submissions. Like that flop on the forum tried to attack me personally earlier (repeating himself like an uneducated child, trying to call me the unsuccessful brother LOL), when I know that if he were to have to approach me to give the same remarks, there is strong doubt in my mind that he would. Hiding behind the safety of his computer screen, congratulations champ, keep pulling yourself.

On the contrary, I will OPENLY, and in person label the actions of that player as "cowardly" and "spineless". Nick pushed himself and all the Aussie boys through the training week and earned his opportunity to not only play the doubles, but also the dead rubber. If the dead rubber meant nothing, then they would simply format the Davis Cup tie in a way that once a team reached 3, the remaining rubbers if any would be dissolved. The game meant something, it was something Nick had worked for, and the game was his to be played. He deserved his "opponent" to show him enough respect, to be integral and noble enough to give him the opportunity, to win on that awesome tennis stage, not fake an injury because he was getting stomped.

Regardless of whether the tie was finished, it isn't in the spirit of the sport and that is the pinnacle of disrespect.

To be honest, I couldn't care in the slightest what ill-informed, rash & judgmental opinions you have formulated about me. I think that bloke is a disgrace to the sport & Poland and I wanted to voice that perspective. One of the best prospects of your country was robbed valuable experience, court time and an opportunity that he works day in and day out for, because someone couldn't swallow their pride. It's disgusting.

Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up.
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