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PAW commitments June 2008 (closed)

If you still want to play PAW in the future, become a PAW manager yourself!

Go to the PAW Managers Thread and say which tournament you want.

Please choose one tournament each week.

The deadline for commitments is a day before the start of a tournament (usually Sunday).
Link to The World Clocks for ATP tournament cities:
If you missed the deadline and want to play, you have to ask for wild-card from the tournament manager on the PAW thread at the forum of the tournament in question (not here please!).

The number of points is the ranking points for the winner.
A minimum of 12 commitments is required to hold a tournament.

Tournament classes:
GS Grand Slam
MS Masters series
ISG International series gold
IS International series

Surface types:
I Indoor (Else outdoor)
C Carpet (Synthetic)
CL Clay
G Grass
H Hard

* red means closed

 #  Week    City (country)          Tournament               Class  Surface    Draw   Points
32  JUNE 9  Halle (GER)             Gerry Weber Open         IS     G          32     225
33  JUNE 9  London (GBR)            The Artois Championships IS     G          56     225
34  JUNE 9  Warsaw (POL)            Orange Prokom Open       IS     CL         32     175
35  JUNE 16 s-Hertogenbosch (NED)+^ Ordina Open              IS     G          32     175
36  JUNE 16 Nottingham (GBR)^       Red Letter Days Open     IS     G          32     175

37  JUNE 23 London (GBR)            Wimbledon                GS     G         128    1000

+ - Sunday start
Date                  	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 16	JUNE 16	JUNE 23	
Tournament         	Halle	Queen's	Warsaw	Herto	Nott	Wimb	
Adrian1992_____________			X				
Aguante_el_Gato________		X			X	X	
Aleksz_________________		X			X	X	
Alfs79_________________	X			X		X	
Allez-Alejo____________		X		X		X	
Alx____________________			X	X		X	
Alonsofz_______________		X		X		X	
Albop__________________			X				
A_Skywalker____________					X	X	
bad gambler____________							
balloon________________		X			X	X	
Bjorki_________________		X		X		X
Boarder35m_____________	X				X	X
canas__________________		X			X	X
Cervantes______________						X
Cheloveko4as___________		X			X	X
Chris 84_______________	X			X		X
chrono_________________		X		X		X
Crocodile______________	X			X		X
d_s____________________		X			X	X
Damita_________________		X		X		X
DartMarcus_____________					X	X
Deathless Mortal_______	X				X	X
Deck___________________		X			X	X
diqor__________________		X		X		X
Djalmha________________		X			X	X
Dmitriy________________		X			X	X	
Drikke_________________		X		X		X	
Dupuis2006_____________		X			X	X	
edg____________________		X			X	X	
Ekin___________________		X			X	X	
eljab__________________	X			X		X	
Evita5_________________		X		X		X	
Total A-E          	6	20	3	13	16	30	
Date                  	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 16	JUNE 16	JUNE 23	
Tournament         	Halle	Queen's	Warsaw	Herto	Nott	Wimb	
Federer=God____________						X	
Forever-Delayed________		X			X	X	
Frank Winkler__________	X			X		X
Frooty_Bazooty_________	X				X	X
GlennMirnyi____________					X	X
greatkingrat___________	X				X	X
gulzhan________________	X			X		X
gvhvhg_________________					X	X
Halka__________________		X		X		X
hallso_________________	X				X	X
Hege___________________		X			X	X
HeretiC________________		X		X		X
Huff___________________	X			X		X
John John______________		X			X	X	
jrm____________________	X			X		X	
kenny_os_______________		X			X	X	
Kielian________________	X				X	X	
Kissing_Rain___________						X	
Kolya__________________	X			X		X	
Total F-K          	9	6	0	7	10	19	
Date                  	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 16	JUNE 16	JUNE 23	
Tournament         	Halle	Queen's	Warsaw	Herto	Nott	Wimb	
Labamba________________		X		X		X	
leoneo_________________		X		X		X
linus__________________	X			X		X
lucky-go-happy_________		X		X		X
maldini________________	X			X		X
Martin_________________		X		X		X
Mincheff_______________		X			X	X
Mount Goddess__________						
Mr. ME_________________						
muniu__________________	X			X		X
MuriloBrasil___________			X		X	X
n3gative_______________			X	X		X
Nadie__________________	X			X		X
nemanjam_______________		X		X		X
Netin!_________________	X				X	X
Nidalgina______________				X		X
Nikigreat______________			X	X		X
njnetswill_____________	X			X		X
nkhera1________________						X
nkp2___________________						X
ntorcida_______________	X			X		X
NyGel__________________			X		X	X
ostm89_________________			X	X		X
Overlord_______________				X		X
pavkata________________		X			X	X
Peta Pan_______________						
Pigpen Stinks__________						
pkubik_________________			X		X	X
Plastic Bertrand_______			X	X		X
PMK is Innocent________			X	X		X
propaganda_____________		X			X	X
qczi___________________		X		X		X
Raquel_________________					X	X
Renaud_________________			X		X	X
RezNik_________________			X	X		X
Riihilahti_____________				X		X
Rik.___________________		X		X		X
Robin Hood_____________	X			X		X
robin7_________________						X
robuś__________________	X				X	X
rocketassist___________		X			X	X
rrfnpump_______________						X	
Total L-R          	9	11	10	23	11	38	
Date                  	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 16	JUNE 16	JUNE 23	
Tournament         	Halle	Queen's	Warsaw	Herto	Nott	Wimb	
scarecrows_____________	X			X		X	
sd3300123______________			X	X		X	
sdtoot_________________		X			X	X	
Sheva__________________			X	X		X	
SloKid_________________		X		X		X	
SoPlayDr_______________		X			X	X	
soltmann_89____________		X		X		X	
sploush________________		X		X		X
starluk________________		X		X		X
straume________________		X			X	
stuey87________________		X			X	X
TankingTheSet__________	X				X	X
TennisAce34____________			X		X	X
Tepasaf________________					X	X
tim____________________						X
tiptopdaisy____________					X	X
TMJordan_______________		X			X	X
trucul_________________		X		X		X
VaiBrasil______________			X		X	X
vamos israel___________		X			X	X	
virex__________________						X	
white&blue_____________		X		X		X	
Wolves68_______________						X	
Total S-Z          	2	12	4	9	11	22	
Date                  	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 9	JUNE 16	JUNE 16	JUNE 23	
Tournament         	Halle	Queen's	Warsaw	Herto	Nott	Wimb	
Total A-Z          	26	49	17	52	48	109
updated till post #131

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008


A whole month at England
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

I commit:
London (stella artois)

Jarkko Nieminen

Nalbandian, Pim-Pim, Safin, Blake, Andreev, Federer, Coria, Nadal, Gaudio, Rochus
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

I commit to
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008


On Nadal bumping him on the changeover, Rosol said: "It's ok, he wanted to take my concentration; I knew he would try something".

Wilander on Dimitrov - "He has mind set on imitating Federer and yes it looks good. But he has no idea what to do on the court".

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
I definitely would have preferred Gaba winning as he needs the points much more, but Jan would have beaten him anyway. I expect Hajek to destroy Machado, like 6-1 6-2.
Machado wins 6-2 6-1
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008


JeffCandoi/Duncan in TT

2007: Brasov CH
2008: Brasil Open & Acapulco
2009: Umag & Genoa CH
2010: Roland Garros, Newport, Bastad, Toronto, Cincinnati, London WTF
2011: Rotterdam & Valencia
2012: Estoril, Bastad, Bangkok
2013: Sydney, Estoril, Nottingham Ch, Cali Ch
2014: Chennai, Buenos Aires
2015: Sao Paulo Ch
2016: Buenos Aires, Washington
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008


TT Titles
Singles (2) Miami 12, Umag 12
Doubles (14) Marseille 12, Indian Wells 12, Umag 12, Beijing 12, Miami 13, Basel 13, Paris 13, Eastbourne 14, Indian Wells 15, Monte-Carlo 15, Geneva 15, Shanghai 15, Montpellier 16, Nottingham 16
TT Finals
Singles (2) Eastbourne 12, Olympics 12
Doubles (15) Eastbourne 11, Basel 11, Olympics 12, Bangkok 12, Munich 13, Stuttgart 13, Miami 14, Vienna 14, Sydney 15, Winston-Salem 15, Metz 15, Paris 15, Sydney 16, Dubai 16, Doha 17
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008


~ Yevgeny Kafelnikov ~ Thomas Muster ~

TT Ranking Singles: up Doubles: up
TT Results:
Singles: W Moscow 12, W Prague CH 11, W Rome CH 09, W Sofia CH 09, W Sheveningen CH 07
Doubles: W Moscow 12 (w/kondrashov), W St. Petersburg 11 (w/kondrashov), W Kuala Lumpur 11 (w/kondrashov), W Prostejov CH 11 (w/kondrashov), W San Jose CH 11 (w/kondrashov), W Aachen CH 10 (w/kondrashov), W Bogota 3 CH 10 (w/kondrashov), W Bogota CH 10 (w/karo em9), W Rome CH 09 (w/tal20), W Stuttgart 08 (w/Mishka Logvi), W Tokyo 07 (w/Mishka Logvi)

PAW Results:
Winner: AO 08, Bejing 10
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

I commit to
thank you
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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

I will play:

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

I commit to:

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Re: PAW commitments June 2008

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