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Re: Roland Garros 2005

Well, I was there at Xav/Oli 's double and it was a really nice match!
They both made some silly mistakes like both withdrawing their racket when a ball comes in between them,... But they also made some brilliant points!
It was little mistakes on the important points that made them lose the match. They were really enjoying themselves an made it an entertaining match. The atmosphere was great too : lots of Belgians, so it looked like they played at home.
And I have to say those Bryan brothers are quite a boring couple to watch, especially compared to Xavier and Olivier. They almost never show some emotion on court!

I'm really happy I could see this match. (The rest of my day was a little boring)
It was great to see them have so much fun together, because I got a little worried about them with all those articles about Oli being mad at Xavier for Daviscup,....
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