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Head Extreme Pro or Babolat AeroPro: Please help me select a new racket [Solved]

Hi all. I'm a non-competitive player of about intermediate level (I guess).

Hope you can help me select a new racquet.
I have a fairly good forehand and a backhand that needs a little more practise.

Here is a small vid of both. (FYI, that backhand is not one of my best )
I try to use a bit of wrist in my forehand to get more racquet speed. Working on using more.

My current racquet is Wilson Six.One Team 18x20: (The one in this link is 16x18)
I'm fairly content with it; it has good control but the racquet head is maybe a bit small. When I hit off the sweet spot I lose a lot of power. I would like to have one that is a little more forgiving and also has more power and topspin potential.

A friend of mine uses Wilson Steam 99S 16x15:
It gives a lot of topspin but the string pattern tension is maybe a bit soft/loose, so it's easy power but maybe not so much control.

I'm currently looking at these two:
Babolat Aeropro Drive GT 2013 (Nadal):
Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 2012-2013:

My grips:
Forehand: Extreme Eastern I suppose. Index base knuckle (IBK) on edge between bevel 3 og 4. Close to the net I sometimes switch to Semi Western.
Backhand topspin: Continental-ish. IBK on bevel 2. Sometimes between 1 og 2.
Backhand slice: IBK on edge betweeen 2 og 3.

Looking forward to your opinions.

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