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Re: Developing your game

Didn't read through everything, but I get the gist of it..

Really the only way to gain progress in tennis especially after you've learned the basics in the game is to play loads of matches and gain confidence. Mental sterngth is everything (as we used to say at the tennis academy I attended long ago, tennis is 80% mental, 10% physical, 5% talent and 5% luck...I'm sure others have heard similar breakdowns) so playing more matches win or lose will only make you more comfortable with your game. Of course it helps if you win, but either way there is nothing like match practice.

If you can't get as many matches as you would like, what almost always helps in tennis is improving your physical abilities like your stamina, footwork, running speed, core training, cardio, etc. The mental boost and confidence you get from knowing that you have a physically strong body is tremendous. Either you'll feel at the very least that you can outlast your opponent and you'll be less tired during rallies which would allow you to focus more on other aspects of your game.

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