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Re: Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post

First of all, thanks to the few posters who supported me. Nice to read. I fully agree Buddyholly this time, it can happen.
Just to avoid any confusion. I did not think you should have been banned. I was twice banned because my post was misread. But since I would never write something that deserves to be banned, it never occurred to me to keep a note of the email address for appeals. So it is impossible to reply before the ban ends.
It is unlikely I will ever support the content of any of your actual posts.

As I remember, you wrote gays=pedophiles. If so, that is just plain wrong. But I see it as an error of fact, not abuse or discrimination. How many errors of fact appear in MTF every day? If they were all banned the threads would be much shorter. Statistically it would probably be more correct to write straights=pedophiles, even though that is also an error of fact. So I do think there are certain red button issues on MTF where the mods will jump on any statement that is not politically correct. On the rest of the issues, banning someone for writing something that is not true would not even be considered a possibility. You could probably write slurs against Jews and Christians all day and get away with it, but try doing that about another religion - and watch out.

In your post today you said that most gays in Europe do not ask for the right to marry and many campaign against it. I would suggest that this is also an error of fact. I doubt every gay in Europe is on record. I do not think you have the information at hand to justify that statement. And if it were reworded more relevantly to state that most gays in Europe do not favour gay marriage, I am sure that it would be a definite error of fact on your part.


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