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Re: The Rankings Database

In the mean time I have managed to recreate 95% of the original system that ran for 1973. With this recreation of their experiment, despite the ATP using decimal points, I have been able to correctly place the entire Top 11 of the YE 1973, which is a lot to say actually. Unfortunately, this development forces me to redo 1970 and 1971 with the more loyal system (stay tuned for the results). This has now become the natural progression from 1970 to 1973:

Notice how strange this "experimental" rankings system looked like. But I think I have the proportions right. All I'm missing is the decimal points, which frankly could have caused these minor differences between players. I see no evidence of a bonus system being applied yet, so I'm going to remove it.

@Johnny and @Pratik, so many players are down in the rankings because ATP didn't count this Grand Slam. Kodes is only one of them.

@Litotes and @Freaky, this seems like a fair course of action and the resulting rankings will be loyal to the official rankings.

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