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Re: Most plausible and implausible conspiracy theories?

Western governments never plot against civilian people because they are cooooool democracies, right?

So all the facts that I mention here never happened despite being facts !

1969: Piazza Fontana attack in Milan - 16 dead, 80 wounded. General Maletti accused the Stay Behind network and neofascists under CIA orders.

1972: Booby-trapped car attack in Peteano, Italy. 3 carabinieri dead. Neofascist Vinciguerra accused Gladio network - which means NATO.

1974: Brescia attack during an antifascist demonstration. 8 dead, 102 wounded.

1974: "Italicus Express" attack. Train from Rome to Munich. 12 dead, 48 wounded.

1978: Aldo Moro kidnapped by the Brigate Rosse, 5 bodyguards killed. Moro executed two months later. An American negociator admitted having "instrumentalized the Brigate Rosse to kill Moro."

1980: Bologna Station attack: 85 dead, 200 seriously wounded. The biggest attack ever committed by the Stay Behind network

1980: Oktoberfest attack in Munich: 13 dead, 213 wounded. Investigation led to a Gladio arsenal in Ülzen, Lunenburg, Germany.

1982 to 1985: Brabant attacks. Series of shootings in supermarkets around the Brabant province, Belgium. 28 dead. Numerous wounded. Investigation led to the Stay Behind network and the Belgian Intelligent agency.

If you don't believe all this, then just documentate. It's fascinating. There's nothing delirious about it. Some serious investigation have been made.

Also a possibility is the assassination of Pope John-Paul I but for this evidence lacks, I think. However the probability is high. David Yallop made two great book about it.
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