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Re: Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

Time for fighting back, right? I am not a push-over. (Yes I'm already back on the exact date of my ban lifting, that's not because I missed the forum but that's because it was easy to remember, I was banned on my birthday. I don't mind being banned, seeing my post deleted is more unacceptable, even though it still is just a forum, not important after all but it speaks volumes about how "liberals" work - liberals who are liberal in everything except freedom of speech)

First of all, thanks to the few posters who supported me. Nice to read. I fully agree Buddyholly this time, it can happen.

2) I can proudly say that I NEVER EVER EVER reported anybody and no mods on any Internet forums I frequent will ever see me reporting anybody. It's a rule for me and I guess my honour depends on it.

Now my defence (and counter-attack).

First it's very easy to delete a post and then make it say whatever you like. Nobody then has the power to check whether it really is what he said or not. The post still exists in my message box, apparently, but I don't dare post it again because I probably would get banned again and if I say that what the mods and reporters made my post say is not what I did say, anybody is entitled not to believe me because since the post in question is no longer on the forum they don't have the power to check out, either. So in any case, it looks as if I'm trapped.

However you can still see how dishonest the moderation worked.

In post #80 you have a PM by reporter - whoever s/he might be - published. That person said I equated "people who campaign for gay rights with pedophiles" (of course, I never did that but I can tolerate misunderstanding): Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

In post #81 you have a moderator saying "Gays = pedophiles is not controversial as you claim it, it's discriminatory [...]": Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

So first you have "gay right advocates" and then it becomes "gays". The difference is of course CRUCIAL ! It implies that gay right advocates truly represent gay people, which is obviously wrong. I said it clearly in my post. Most gays in Europe, do not ask for the right to marry (many campaign against it, some of whom I personally know), the right to parentality and most of them do not recognize themselves as a community but only recognize one community, the national community of the country which they're living in.

So accusing me of such equation is deeply dishonest and unacceptable.

Now whether I've equated each and every gay right advocate with pedophiles, I again pleed non-guilty ! It's not because some intellectuals and politicians advocate for pedophilia that everybody does, right?

In the seventies - the time of sexual "liberation - pedophilia was not a taboo. Many intellectual - philosophers, jurists, politicians, etc. - openly did. It was a part of the whole "Liberation". Then it became a taboo, because in the mean time, it was discovered that priests were involved and the Church could become a scapegoat but for some intellectual, pedophilia is still an integral part of liberalism, right?

Then whether these people have power or not, it might be discussed but the fact is that many criminal affairs like the Dutroux affair (in my own country) or the Zandvoort file never led to serious condemnationsdespite all the evidence of the existence of a network, show that there is protection.

What does that have to do with gays? Simply that it is also a part of the "liberalism" of the 70's. That's all ! The question to be asked is not whether gay right advocates are pedophiles but whether pedophiles would advocate for gay rights or not. And that's a whole lot different.

There was nothing offensive in what I said ! Normally I never discuss such topics because there are MUCH more important matters in politics than that. Liberals want to make it the key issue in politics but not conservatives like me. I only posted some provocative comments because I like Putin for other matters - and I realize that I shouldn't have.

Also on the post that was deleted I noticed that Punky allowed herself to equate the Russian authorities with racists (Post #6) - which I don't report, right? - and I think it should be noted. She react by saying she was not racist - post also deleted -, which means that she did not understand my remark (just as she's unable to correctly analyze a demography graph !). It should be mentioned !

And I hope I won't get banned again for posting that, even though after all, what do I care, it's just a forum (but you shouldn't care either, normally, it's just an Internet forum !) and most of all, hope that this post won't be deleted !

Thanks for your attention !
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