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Re: French Open!

Originally Posted by Neely
They were booing him and quite mean to him and they didn't only cheer for Clément, but rather against Kiwi. But IMO it's to a very big part his own fault, I think he (intentionally or not) egged on the crowd with some of his emotions and he had gestures, C'MONs and fist pumps on celebrating some points. The people probably must have thought it's only show or fake to piss them off because he wanted to show off his good points he made against a French player. And not to forget... he also sweared at bad points and he threw his racket
I'm sure he could/should have solved it better and such behaviour can make you lose badly as well (remember so many times he was upset about something and lost?), but at this day it was his way to protect himself from 14000 people against him and I'm still very glad that he could withstand the pressure and WON.

However, the final point, his first match point was beautifully played at the end and before it was a long rally. After Kiwi won I couldn't hear a c'mon, but he raised his arms towards his box in the stands. This was a great picture

Against Andreev, I normally see the end coming because Andreev is a very good and agressive player when he has a good day. But maybe a miracle happens!

I saw the attacks on him over in GM It sounds to me like it was a pretty well behaved match for Kiwi seeing things he likes to do sometimes People just look for any reason to attack him, which is something I don't understand. He's always been like this, so why is it a big deal now. *sigh*

I am SOOO happy he held himself together and won it. I was excited he won just for the win, but to then find out how the crowd was to him I am amazed he came back and won it. Normally he loses his brain -- as you know

As far as Andreev is concerned, I'm pulling for a miracle

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