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Re: Developing your game

Originally Posted by Super Djoker View Post
Hi everyone my names Matt , I am a recreational player who has been playing for about 3 and a half years. I come from Shropshire in England.

I started out just getting coaching at a local club. When I started playing at the club I still hadn't mastered the art of the serve , I bowled it in and did so for about 3 months until I saw a different coach where I quickly learnt a flat serve . [/. ]The first coach to teach me a serve was trying to teach me a topspin serve . I got to grips with how to hit the topspin serve shortly after . To cut a long story short I can now do a topspin and flat serve as well as a kick serve (and a few variations of the kick), And also a slice serve . I am quite bad tempered sometimes .

But recently my game seems to have declined .At doubles I play very well . Very aggressive with good placement but at singles I seem to have lost something , somebody I used to have close games with has beaten me 6-0 in our last 2 full sets and it's really frustrating . I can't get it past him . He plays almost the exact same kind of game as me only he has a huge serve . Mine is pretty big but I serve with more variety . Any tips on what to do with my game , Also how has your game changed since you started tennis ?
TBH wouldn't bother spending the money to get coached up on serving. Spend the money on getting a hopper and a few cans of balls. I unfortunately haven't had the chance to get any coaching, but I've gotten myself to a 4.0 level by playing a lot of matches and putting the time in on my serve. In fact, it's my biggest weapon. If you just work on technique you can get it over 100+ mph with a little work. I've modeled my serve after Tommy Haas and it's worked very well for me throughout the past 10 years.
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