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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
Why do I get to see only 4 of these 7 living infractions? wouldn't it make sense to make them all visible since they count for temporary bans and could be appealed?

one day I have 12 another one I have 9... go figure... no wonder people get confused in here.

this is from a recent exchange I had a couple of months ago:
'Also, keep in mind with 11 infractions you are nearing 15 which would be a permanent ban procedure so you may want to change your posting style.'
Can't you jump for the next infractions? They are not on the same page.

Originally Posted by Sombrerero loco View Post
oh so its so late since this was 2011
anyway, this hating mod didnt give me more unfair warnings after i told the mod team the situation and they removed immediatly the warning he gave me. i mean, i think you the mod team should go against the warnings for personal reasons, mods are of course also normal people, but giving warnings to someone just for personal reasons shouldnt be allowed and indeed should also be punished as its a really bad work against the other users in the forum. just my opinion, and i didnt have any issue with mods at all besides this one with that person who was always sending warnings for no reason, the only mod from who i received any warning on MTF or TF, by the way...
No one gives warnings/infractions for personal reasons. All you can do, avoid that thing you were warned about and you surely have no problem about it in the future.

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
I would like this thread The Rankings Database stickied in GM, due to the usefulness it may posses to forum users. Thanks in advance if it is possible.
It's a very useful thread but there are already a sticked thread which is caring about rankings.

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