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Re: Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
Make no mistake, I'm no fan of the RCC but I recognize that if it makes compromises in order to appease secularists without, and liberals within, then a Pandora's box may be opened with a redefinition of what "discrimination," or "hate speech" is.

I was reading about biology and choice recently where investigators have apparently identified a gene that increases the risk of alcoholism (or the desire for alcohol). The non-abuse of alcohol is a universal moral absolute (perhaps not in Russia ). We recognize that it's best for the alcoholic to refrain from his impulse to drink. He will get no sympathy at AA, from his family, or society when he indulges. Being true to his biological impulses in this instance, is an affront to the person he should be. We see that biology does not automatically equal truth. In fact, in this case it is a lie. My 2 cents.
The catholic church can continue as it always has for all I care, plenty of individuals take a dislike to me - rcc to the back of the queue. I do wish they would just stick with the hate though, there's no need to condemn people for acts that their God approved of (well ending lives would be appreciated more I'd think) & they consider evil.

GABRG3? If so it's a bit early as it is not known how the gene influences alcoholism risk. Interesting to see how the study develops nevertheless. 'perhaps not in Russia' - or Britain. I never desired the only alternative - live & die by it I guess.

Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
Well, you might call it controversial, but since it's common knowledge it's untrue (obviously not all paedophiles are gay etc), and since he was specifically labeling people who fight for gay rights, I'd say it's just a slander.
The problem nowadays is words can be defined twelve different ways. I would define controversial as a discussion of opposing opinions. Therefore Echoes regardless of the gay rights specific part would still be stating an opinion I would oppose. It's the predictable - 1st comes gay rights inc. marriage, then polygamy, incest, bes... Religious people are fond of trotting out.
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