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Re: Tennis Tipping - Washington - OOP in #185, results #186, 187

Originally Posted by Tepasaf View Post
but if my and my partner's pick would be different and the same is our opponent's?
ex: Harrison+Hewitt vs Harrison+Hewitt?

Or what if all of our picks (of my team) would be different. I. e. i name 8 players Trmooney name 8 others?

Many complex cobinations...
If it is Harrison + Hewitt vs Harrison + Hewitt, then nothing will show up in the differences Because neither outcome gives either team an advantage

If you and Trmooney both picked differently on every match, it still matters what the other team picks. If you and your partner split the picks on every match and the other team did the same, there would be no differences.

The differences only show what you need in order to win, matches that don't affect your outcome don't show up

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