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Re: ~the SOAP OPERA thread~

after Rafaella's somewhat failed pressconference, she left with the lovely Fernandella. What happened between those 2 we will not know. They drove off in a taxi.....

The next day on the Roland Garros practice courts, Sweet Carlotta thought it would be a good idea to let the world (and Lil Rafaella) know who, why and what.

As the picture makes clear, Carlotta is saying: See this Chica??? She's soooooo MINE!

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Paris, Feli was still wondering what, and especially who, would be waiting for him next week. He was starting to feel a little scared now Rafaella seemed to playing with Carlotta again. Could he rely on Fernandella to be there for him?? Maybe not because of how he left her for another chica after Rotterdam... or was it Dubai??? Anyway....It would be in Fernandella's hands....would she eventually forgive Feli??? Or would Fernandella call it a day and just laugh at Feli and move on with her life? Feli couldn't believe what he had done. He had such a pretty chica...and now he was all alone.....
He stepped outside his hotel and said (quite loud)

Would anyone hear his cry??? Would Feli smile again soon???
Who was the person watching Feli while he was standing outside the hotel??? Was it the lovely Michelle? Could it be Juanita? Or maybe it was the gorgeous Fernandella????

to be continued......

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