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Re: ~the SOAP OPERA thread~

Here we go. As it seems our dear Rafaella decided to give a sort of press conference regarding all that has been happening in the past months. Here's a little bit of the interview. (pics are screencaps from eurosport interview)

Here I am, ask away

No it's not true, I didn't steal Feli from Fernandella!

Why would people say such nasty things?!

Carlotta said that????? Naaah...... really???? eh....

You are not just saying that to cause trouble between me and Carlotta now are you?????

Oh that Fernandella standing behind the door there????

I think it might be best if I called this press conference a day.....
I don't like the look of Fernandella at the moment...she's looking really angry

Waaaaait a minute!!! She's pulling my leg here!!!

¡Hola Fernandella! what do you say?Let's play some doubles at RG?! Forget Feli, forget the others too..... just you and me baby!!!

at that moment, Rafaella got up and left the room.....Fernandella followed her...... OMC!!!!

........what now?! Will Rafaella find new love with the gorgeous Fernandella? How will Feli and Carlotta react?? Will Tomita and Juanita get a say in all of this???

to be continued......

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