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Re: THE HAMBURG THREAD SF: Delbonis def Federer 7-6(6) 7-6(4)

Thanks again for all your kind words

Originally Posted by champras View Post
All right, clever from Roger to go on the practice at the time the first match is announced and I was also in the stadium for a while - I thought RF would practice only before an hour his match begins.
Roger never practices that early before a match.

It's usually around 2 1/2 - 3 hours before

Originally Posted by Panthera View Post
Wow, great story Doris Im really happy for know you enjoyed your week at Hamburg. I saw the match yesterday and was sad with that loss, but unfortunately this happens... But I know that after a storm there are always a rainbow and I'm pretty sure we'll see more great matches of Roger soon. No matter what, I'll support him always
Well said

We have to get used to it that Roger is going to lose more often now. It's a natural development of every athlete.

When Roger was out to sign after the match he asked a fan how she was. That's just sweet of him

Originally Posted by alypen View Post
Yep, you did better than I did at the Olympics last year . Oh well, I'll know better another time.
Did someone catch it before you were able to get it?

Good luck that you will get it the next time

Originally Posted by alypen View Post
Oh, I was reading teletext on the TV this evening and it quoted Roger as saying something like he didn't think it was the new racket that was the problem. Is that a tacit admission that his back was still causing problems, do you think?
Of course he has to get used to the new racket and therefore he needs to play matches.

Then he surely doesn't have the selfconfidence which he had last year but you only get it when you start to win.

I guess he will never admit how much the back is bothering him but in 2012 he won Wimbledon even though he had problems during that tournament...

Originally Posted by StingSuperior View Post
Thanks for sharing this Doris, it's nice to hear you got to see Roger many times despite his SF loss. I just wish I can be lucky enough to see him at some point
You haven't seen him live yet?

Which tournament would be an option for you to go to?

I really hope you can see Roger one day

Originally Posted by timafi View Post
Roger should fire Pierre P. and hire Steve McGregor to get him back to shape and help fix that back
Roger isn't unfit. He is just slower as in his dominant years.
I'm sure he already contacted specialists concerning the back.

Look at Agassi. He also had back problems and even working with Gil Reyes didn't help him...
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