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Re: Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

Originally Posted by vucina View Post
Yes, I know how proud Israeli politicians are about their gay capital Tel Aviv.
But I wouldn't say it's a "small crazy group in jerusalem" who's threatening the gay paradise. There are 800 000 haredim in israel, half a million settlers, and who knows how many ordinary Israelis who don't agree with gay marriage and other crap.
There is no way you would have a safe gay pride parade without thousands of policemen protecting it.
i think ur Confusing with the Orthodox and traditionalists, most of the ppl are light traditionalists = ppl like me
they keep the good but they drive and do stuff at the weekend.
i think the Recent elections are the best evidence of the relative strength, the Religious lost power when the secular strengthened.

about the police, it has nothing to do with pride or not pride, even in the love (not pride) parade theres lots of police officers its because it is a police procedure, public event over a few dozen people must have police presence, It is for reasons of terrorism.

if u think all the settlers are Religious you are wrong, show u know you think u know but not.

take for example, the Foreign Minister - Avigdor Lieberman (awful person) he is a settler

nothing religius about this men, i doubt of he even remember a small thing

about tel aviv, its a very gay city but the parade is in 3 different cities (also haifa and eilat)

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
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things were created to be used.
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