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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by Shanksgiving View Post
Can I make a suggestion please?

I know GM is supposed to be exclusively about "real" tennis discussions and I'm not going to ask to change that. But instead of deleting every thread you find inappropriate for GM, can you move some of them to other sections like "off-topic"? For example, what's wrong with the thread "what will Delpo fans' excuses when Ferrer defeats him in Wimbledon?", so it generated a bit of banter between the two players' fans. But aren't 2/3 of GM's current threads are endless tard wars between Nadal and Federer fans? Why those threads got to live?
We often move/merge threads. But we don't see merit on few trolling attempts.
For example.. trolling is against rules, bashing players in GM thread isn't a new rule, it has been there since years.
Those fan threads.. we'll see. But most of those threads are for baiting anyway.

Freak3yman84: No. Actually the rule says 'do not refer to a player using a nickname or any name that is not the player's actual name in the title.'

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