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Re: Hamburgers and Frankfurters for Roger: THE HAMBURG THREAD: Def Mayer 7-6 (4) 3-6

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Look Duck, I don't know who you are, if you're a troll or whatever, but the FedForum isn't your classic MTF.
Here we threat everyone with respect, and insulting a player that way isn't exactly respect.
Delbonis is a really talented player with a lot of personal problems, he'd have been top 50 for a long time if he could play his best tennis more often.
And it seems he's doing that.

I think Roger will manage to win this and turn this around. But i'm not exactly glad watching people insulting a player I respect here. I'm not in GM and I don't go to GM for that reason.
Well said , People have a habit of insulting players when their favourite is losing when the opponent is trying to win just as much as their favourite is the point is Delbonis has the game of a top 50 player but he is still only 22 and like a lot of players who have potential they lack consistency to perform at this level all year . It is frustrating when they play their best tennis against Roger i.e Mayer yesterday but we have to accept it and not lower ourselfs like the people at GM do and insult the players.
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