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Re: Hamburgers and Frankfurters for Roger: THE HAMBURG THREAD: Def Mayer 7-6 (4) 3-6

Originally Posted by duarte_a View Post
Don't want top use it as an excuse but from the GM:

Anyone with eyes who can't realize Roger back got tight as a drum at the end of the first needs to get them checked. He put on the vest, he didn't sit through change-of-ends twice (he never does that, he always sits) and after that long point and the roar at the end he was basically limping to the back of the court with a grimace on his face. Lower-back cramped up on him, as clear as daylight.

Did this really happen?!
Well, having just read all the comments from you all on here (10 pages - knew it had to be a bad match), I was certainly reading back problems into it. Just hoping he'll be fit to play okay tomorrow. And also wondering whether the cinema last night was a good idea for the back.

Originally Posted by Rommella View Post
Hah! The ether knows you are one with him in spirit.
And I shall have to be tomorrow, too. *Really* hope he's fit - I certainly don't want him to lose to Delbonis.
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