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Re: Minimizing avatar loading time.

does it really matter that you have to wait 10min for it load?
Matches go by fast, so it's important to get the avatar in place and have that karma working before a key break, volley, line call goes the way of the opponent.

There are surely more important things we need to fix first. Like the time delay in placing bets with the vbookie.
True. It's just a suggestion, like I said, matches go by fast, and many times I have many avatars for a certain player so it stresses the loading time even more.

But you could also say placing multiple bets is not necessary, and the delay would be void. It's all how the vBetter's strategy works.

Thanks for responding, and I hope there are more admins added to speed up the time that bets are settled. Like having at least one admin from Europe, one from Asia, one from USA, one from Australia, etc. to cover all of our bases.

I'm not sure if only Amanda can settle bets, if there are more who are capable then it would be just to take that into consideration as well.

Just a thought,

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