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Re: Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
He was not the politically correct model that the mods want to see here.
His comments were somewhat extreme, but very literate. He did not resort to personal insults like the most popular and fawned over posters on MTF. I liked to read his posts because they often gave an opinion that most other people do not have. For instance, he was right on the ball with pointing out that the Syrian rebels can be every bit as criminal as the Syrian government. I read that in his posts long before the news items started covering this aspect of the civil war.

However, it seems we are now to be protected from his controversy. Some day maybe the mods will realize that a discussion forum lives and breathes by controversy. Otherwise it suffocates from lack of interest.
this is the pm i got from the person who reported, i wont say his name

"He equated people who campaign for gay rights with pedophiles (in that post with the pictures).
I reported him for it. I was probably not the only one.
Normally, I prefer to "cross swords" and debate.
But in this case he definitely crossed the line"

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