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Re: Ask the board Thread

Originally Posted by Daniel_amr View Post
Over these picks who would win please in Doubles match:
Doubles picks
xieergai	Doubledouble	Ekin	Murraynizer
KONDO 7-6 6-3	KONDO 64,64	KONDO 64 63	KONDO 64 63
ZHANG 2-0	zhang 2-0	ZHANG 2-1	ZHANG 2-1
LU 2-0	LU 2-0	LU 2-0	LU 2-0
Winner Score
2 KONDO 76 64
1 SOEDA 21
1 ZHANG 20
1 LU 21
1.Total # of Set Ratios correct > if same then

Note: The SR (2-0/2-1) is not counted when there's a retirement.

2. Set Ratio shoot-out: 1-?? (compare SR1, SR2, SR3, etc.) > if same then

Note: Retirements count for the SR shootout (only correct winners, not the SR).

Note #2: When both players pick the loser, the shoot-out win goes to the one who gave more sets to the winner. This rule is not used when there's a retirement.

Everyone has Kondo 2-0 in the first match - so nothing to separate teams

so you move on to the second match - SOEDA 21

Ekin and Murraynizer both have Soeda 2-1, opponents 2-0 = so Ekin and Murraynizer win

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