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Re: A tennis question........

Originally Posted by GeorgeWHitler
It depends on the individual mentality really I know of guys who have such major problems closing out matches, but can save match points and win them, yet hve problems holding leads.
My attitude is very positive. I think I should win every match I play and I fight like hell to try to do so. That\'s probably why I get a bit nervous if I\'m on the verge of losing. If I\'m on the brink of winning I don\'t really think about it, I just carry on as normal as I expect myself to win even if my opponent might be a better player.

I managed to get through the match on pure adreniline. We played almost 6 hours, final score was 6-7 6-3 5-7 7-6 11-9. It was the best match I\'ve ever played, it was at my club and by the end we had quite a lot of people watching I also don\'t find tennis as tiring as some other sports, you get a lot of short little breaks in between points and games, so you\'re not constantly running like some other sports. I certainly felt the effects of the match the morning after though, I couldn\'t move
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