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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Setting new records - That's the way Rafa does comeback! :sp

Originally Posted by Minn View Post
You think so? Why?
Basically, because German has a tight structure, French doesn't.

German grammar is complicated but it's logical. It has a good structure and rules you can trust and depend on. Everything is constructed around a strong framework. Sure, there are exceptions to the rules but there aren' t that many and they even come up with tricks and tips to help you remember those exceptions.

French grammar is more a maze than a framework. It's complicated but each rule comes with a gazillion exceptions. Result, you can not depend on the rules. There's no logical structure there.

Then again, maybe German is easier for me to understand because my first language is a germanic language. German and Dutch are sister-languages.
Just like Andreea will have an easier time understanding the French grammar due to her first language being related to French, following similar grammar principles.

Remember that young guy with all those impressive imitations of various players. It was quite a hit with tennis fans. Babolat did a video with him and Rafa:
He's very tall.

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