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Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon - RoddickFan. wins

Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

1. Each day of play you must pick 1 winner playing an ATP main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste your pick on Federer or Nadal to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. You have to submit your own pick, no one else can submit your pick for you.

4. Only in the case of a walkover or a withdrawal of your main pick, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurrence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identified like this:
Back-Up Pick - Andy Roddick
Make it clear and try to do it all in one post!

5. No commitments are necessary! If you wish to participate, just post your Day 1 pick in the correct time. New players are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Once the order of play is released, it will be added IN THIS THREAD, right below, to facilitate your choices. Each day, this post will be updated with its respective order of play.

NOTE: You can't pick a player from a match scheduled for the previous day and postponed for the next due to rain or darkness! Choose only from the matches posted in the OOP here for the concrete day!

7. Picks will be acceptable until before the start of the FIRST match each day.

8. The scoring system will be as follows:

Losing Pick on Day 1: 1
Losing Pick on Day 2: 20
Losing Pick on Day 3: 50
Losing Pick on Day 4: 110
Losing Pick on Day 5: 180
Losing Pick on Day 6: 300
Losing Pick on Day 7: 430
Losing Pick on Day 8: 750
Losing Pick on Day 9: 1100
Losing Pick on Day 10: 1500
Winning the title: 2000

9. This thread is not made to complain about format, points, etc. There's Suicide Suggestions Thread created for that.

If the board goes down as it has happened before, send your picks on my e-mail:

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Winner (lost on Day 8, 750 points)

Player         Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day 4     Day 5    Day 6     Day 7    Day 8
RoddickFan.    Almagro   delPotro  Youzhny   Gasquet   Murray   Berdych   Ferrer   Kubot

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon


Lost on Day 6 (300 points)
goOudinUSA     Mahut     Blake     Almagro   Ferrer    Youzhny  Nishikor
RHB1993        Stakhovs  Levine    Melzer    Anderson  Youzhny  Nishikor
Lost on Day 5 (180 points)
156mphserve    Almagro   Dimitrov  Paire     Nishikor  Monaco 
Adder A216     Mahut     Dolgopol  Troicki   Chardy    Monaco 
afterglows     Stakhovs  Raonic    Almagro   Anderson  --------
Antoshka       Stepanek  Dolgopol  Monaco    Anderson  Brown 
avivi25        Kubot     Nishikor  Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco 
Björki         Mahut     Dolgopol  Youzhny   Anderson  Brown 
Cava           Almagro   Sijsling  Youzhny   Nishikor  Monaco 
Cazorla        Stakhovs  Levine    Troicki   Haas      Paire  
Cheeky Chick   Stepanek  Dimitrov  Youzhny   Chardy    Monaco 
cswab22        Stepanek  Dimitrov  Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco 
Direnan        Stakhovs  Sijsling  Melzer    Anderson  Brown 
Eddy DoubleD   Stakhovs  Dolgopol  Melzer    Lopez     Monaco 
Elmo Jr        Stakhovs  Dimitrov  Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco 
hallso         Paire     Sijsling  Almagro   Dodig     Monaco 
Hidalgo        Paire     Dolgopol  Youzhny   Chardy    Monaco 
igmIGM         Kubot     Dimitrov  Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco 
Infinity       Almagro   Dimitrov  Youzhny   Anderson  Monaco   
J99            Mahut     Dimitrov  Youzhny   Anderson  Paire    
JackM          Gulbis    Dimitrov  Almagro   Chardy    Paire    
KittyTennis    Mahut     Dolgopol  Youzhny   Anderson  Paire    
kondrashov     Mahut     Dolgopol  Almagro   Gasquet   Monaco 
Litotes        Paire     Dolgopol  Youzhny   Anderson  Monaco   
muxiu          Paire     Dimitrov  Troicki   Chardy    Brown   
Nixer          Kuznetso  Levine    Troicki   Anderson  Stakhovs
notrafaelnadal Gulbis    Blake     Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco   
ostm89         Stakhovs  Anderson  Monaco    Chardy    Brown  
P.R.           Stakhovs  Dolgopol  Paire     Gasquet   Monaco 
perviumanu     Stepanek  Dolgopol  Youzhny   Anderson  Paire    
Rafael Reis    Almagro   Raonic    Youzhny   Dodig     Gulbis   
RNW            Stepanek  Ferrer    Troicki   Haas      Brown
rvugt          Stepanek  Levine    Youzhny   Chardy    Monaco   
SamR03A        Janowicz  Levine    Youzhny   Gasquet   Monaco 
Sapeod         Stapenek  Dolgopol  Troicki   Chardy    Monaco 
Satasonic      Stakhovs  Anderson  Youzhny   Chardy    Brown    
sfar           Almagro   Dimitrov  Youzhny   Lopez     Monaco   
Sham Kay       Almagro   Dolgopol  Paire     Gasquet   Monaco   
Spain07        Kubot     Levine    Youzhny   delPotro  Monaco   
supertom       Stakhovs  Levine    Youzhny   Anderson  Paire   
traddles       Stakhovs  Struff    Janowicz  Chardy    --------
VamosRafaNadal Stepanek  Levine    Monaco    Lopez     Paire    
Zenjo          Almagro   Dimitrov  Youzhny   Gasquet   Paire
Lost on Day 4 (110 points)
EnriqueIG8     Janowicz  Nishikor  Paire     --------
Gavnich77      Paire     Raonic    Youzhny   Dimitrov
Marto          Stakhovs  Anderson  Paire     Blake   
Matthew2408    Gulbis    Brands    Melzer    Dimitrov  
nicksimioni    Janowicz  Dolgopol  Youzhny   Dimitrov
Puschkin       Paire     Nishikor  Troicki   Dimitrov
Lost on Day 3 (50 points)
*Jean*         Kubot     Dimitrov  Isner 
abollo         Mahut     Dolgopol  --------
abyssII        Janowicz  Chardy    Isner   
andyroddlick   Almagro   Dolgopol  Isner   
Boomer23       Kubot     Soeda     Isner 
Chris 84       Gulbis    Ferrer    Hewitt  
coolfish1103   Almagro   Anderson  Isner   
CoolyBri       Almagro   Struff    Isner   
digor          Kubot     Levine    Hewitt   
Djalma         Paire     Dimitrov  Hewitt  
Don Corleone   Youzhny   Anderson  Hewitt
Dupuis2006     Paire     Gasquet   Hewitt   
eljab          deSchepp  Haas      Hewitt 
ESimp          Stepanek  Raonic    Hewitt  
Federer in 2   Stakhovs  Raonic    Hewitt  
Fickelgruber   Monaco    Dolgopol  Hewitt  
Frank Winkler  Janowicz  Haas      Hewitt   
gulzhan        Lu        Haas      Hewitt  
Hellcat        Mahut     Sijsling  Hewitt  
Jovard         Almagro   Dolgopol  Isner   
Kamui010       Paire     Anderson  Hewitt  
Kazlatan       Almagro   Dolgopol  Tsonga  
Lisandro       Stakhovs  Sijsling  Hewitt  
lucian_iasi    Paire     Levine    Mahut   
Magdalena Ry   Mahut     Ferrer    Hewitt  
mariagsc1      Paire     Dolgopol  Hewitt  
nickelS        Monaco    Dimitrov  Isner  
Nix da         Stakhovs  Levine    Isner   
nolesfan2011   Kubot     Levine    Mahut 
Peta Pan       Kubot     Dolgopol  --------
Pratik         Mahut     Dolgopol  Isner   
purtov45       Almagro   Dolgopol  Hewitt  
qczi           Mahut     Dolgopol  Isner   
Raffaella      Paire     Ferrer    Hewitt  
rbfilipe       Janowicz  Dimitrov  Tsonga  
Regenbogen     Mahut     Dimitrov  Hewitt   
ronim1         Almagro   Ferrer    Hewitt  
SilverSlam     Stepanek  Ferrer    Hewitt  
Smidster       Janowicz  Levine    Hewitt  
Snowwy         deSchepp  Levine    Hewitt  
T.C.           Tsonga    Dimitrov  Hewitt  
tenniscreep    Almagro   Dolgopol  Hewitt  
Thales de Mil  Janowicz  Dolgopol  Hewitt  
tripler        Almagro   Gasquet   Isner   
Trmooney888    Mahut     Dimitrov  Hewitt  
Tulipe         Paire     Ferrer    Hewitt  
VamsiRohit     Almagro   Dimitrov  Isner     
Yves.          Stakhovs  Dolgopol  Hewitt
Lost on Day 2 (20 points):
Dudisela75     Pospisil  --------
elluko86       Mahut     Petzschn
lukela85       Gulbis    --------
sdio2          Almagro   --------
vn01           Janowicz  --------
Lost on Day 1 (1 point):
CLL            Andujar

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon


Day 1
Survivors: 103/104
Picked Players: Almagro (19), Stakhovsky (16), Mahut (14), Paire (13), Stepanek (10), Janowicz (9), Kubot (8), Gulbis (5), de Schepper (2), Monaco (2), Kuznetsov (1), Lu (1), Andujar (1), Pospisil (1), Tsonga (1), Youzhny (1)

Day 2
Survivors: 98/103
Picked Players: Dolgopolov (26), Dimitrov (19), Levine (14), Ferrer (7), Anderson (6), Raonic (5), Sijsling (5), Haas (3), Nishikori (3), Blake (2), Gasquet (2), Struff (2), Brands (1), Chardy (1), del Potro (1), Petzschner (1), Soeda (1), no pick (4)

Day 3
Survivors: 50/98
Picked Players: Hewitt (29), Youzhny (25), Isner (13), Troicki (7), Almagro (5), Paire (5), Melzer (4), Monaco (3), Mahut (2), Tsonga (2), Janowicz (1), no pick (2)

Day 4
Survivors: 44/50
Picked Players: Anderson (12), Gasquet (11), Chardy (10), Dimitrov (4), Lopez (3), Haas (2), Dodig (2), Nishikori (2), Blake (1), del Potro (1), Ferrer (1), no pick (1)

Day 5
Survivors: 3/44
Picked Players: Monaco (22), Paire (8), Brown (7), Youzhny (2), Gulbis (1), Murray (1), Stakhovsky (1), no pick (2)

Day 6
Survivors: 1/3
Picked Players: Nishikori (2), Berdych (1)

Day 7
Survivors: 1/1
Picked Players: Ferrer (1)

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Order of Play

OOP Day 8
Novak Djokovic - Tomas Berdych
David Ferrer - Juan Martin del Potro
Lukasz Kubot - Jerzy Janowicz
Fernando Verdasco - Andy Murray

OOP Day 7
Mikhail Youzhny - Andy Murray
Novak Djokovic - Tommy Haas
Andreas Seppi - Juan Martin del Potro
Bernard Tomic - Tomas Berdych
David Ferrer - Ivan Dodig
Fernando Verdasco - Kenny de Schepper
Jerzy Janowicz - Jürgen Melzer
Lukasz Kubot - Adrian Mannarino

OOP Day 6
Richard Gasquet - Bernard Tomic
Novak Djokovic - Jeremy Chardy
Kevin Anderson - Tomas Berdych
David Ferrer - Alexandr Dolgopolov
Feliciano Lopez - Tommy Haas
Grega Zemlja - Juan Martin del Potro
Igor Sijsling - Ivan Dodig
Kei Nishikori - Andreas Seppi

OOP Day 5
Nicolas Almagro - Jerzy Janowicz
Tommy Robredo - Andy Murray
Viktor Troicki - Mikhail Youzhny
Ernests Gulbis - Fernando Verdasco
Jürgen Melzer - Sergiy Stakhovsky
Juan Monaco - Kenny de Schepper
Lukasz Kubot - Benoit Paire
Adrian Mannarino - Dustin Brown

OOP Day 4
Jesse Levine - Juan Martin del Potro
Novak Djokovic - Bobby Reynolds
Richard Gasquet - Go Soeda
David Ferrer - Roberto Bautista Agut
Daniel Brands - Tomas Berdych
Grigor Dimitrov - Grega Zemlja
Jimmy Wang - Tommy Haas
Kei Nishikori - Leonardo Mayer
Santiago Giraldo - Alexandr Dolgopolov
James Blake - Bernard Tomic
Milos Raonic - Igor Sijsling
Feliciano Lopez - Paul-Henri Mathieu
Kevin Anderson - Michael Przysiezny
Denis Kudla - Ivan Dodig
Jan-Lennard Struff - Jeremy Chardy
Michael Llodra - Andreas Seppi

OOP Day 3
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - Ernests Gulbis
Sergiy Stakhovsky - Roger Federer
Fernando Verdasco - Julien Benneteau
Yen-Hsun Lu - Andy Murray
Dustin Brown - Lleyton Hewitt
Kenny de Schepper - Marin Cilic
John Isner - Adrian Mannarino
Nicolas Almagro - Guillaume Rufin
Radek Stepanek - Jerzy Janowicz
Tommy Robredo - Nicolas Mahut
Vasek Pospisil - Mikhail Youzhny
Juan Monaco - Rajeev Ram
Viktor Troicki - Andrey Kuznetsov
Stephane Robert - Benoit Paire
Jürgen Melzer - Julian Reister
Steve Darcis - Lukasz Kubot

OOP Day 2
Novak Djokovic - Florian Mayer
David Ferrer - Martin Alund
Albert Ramos - Juan Martin del Potro
Martin Klizan - Tomas Berdych
Dmitry Tursunov - Tommy Haas
Richard Gasquet - Marcel Granollers
Bernard Tomic - Sam Querrey
Gilles Simon - Feliciano Lopez
Ryan Harrison - Jeremy Chardy
Milos Raonic - Carlos Berlocq
Ivan Dodig - Philipp Kohlschreiber
Grifor Dimitrov - Simone Bolelli
Denis Istomin - Andreas Seppi
Bobby Reynolds - Steve Johnson
James Duckworth - Denis Kudla
Ricardas Berankis - Paul-Henri Mathieu
Leonardo Mayer - Aljaz Bedene
Horacio Zeballos - Santiago Giraldo
Guido Pella - Jesse Levine
Daniel Brands - Daniel Gimeno-Traver
Blaz Kavcic - Jan-Lennard Struff
Alex Kuznetsov - Igor Sijsling
Wayne Odesnik - Jimmy Wang
Grega Zemlja - Michael Russell
Kevin Anderson - Olivier Rochus
Michael Llodra - Jarkko Nieminen
Kei Nishikori - Matthew Ebden
Andreas Haider-Maurer - Go Soeda
Gastao Elias - Alexandr Dolgopolov
Philipp Petzschner - Michael Przysiezny
Roberto Bautista Agut - Teymuraz Gabashvili
James Blake - Thiemo de Bakker

OOP Day 1
Victor Hanescu - Roger Federer
Benjamin Becker - Andy Murray
Rafael Nadal - Steve Darcis
Lleyton Hewitt - Stanislas Wawrinka
Marcos Baghdatis - Marin Cilic
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - David Goffin
Kyle Edmund - Jerzy Janowicz
Janko Tipsarevic - Viktor Troicki
Fabio Fognini - Jürgen Melzer
James Ward - Yen-Hsun Lu
Robin Haase - Mikhail Youzhny
Nicolas Almagro - Jurgen Zopp
Lukas Lacko - Rajeev Ram
Pablo Andujar - Adrian Mannarino
Nicolas Mahut - Jan Hajek
Stephane Robert - Alejandro Falla
Lukasz Kubot - Igor Andreev
Edouard Roger-Vasselin - Ernests Gulbis
Marc Gicquel - Vasek Pospisil
Dustin Brown - Guillermo Garcia-Lopez
Rogerio Dutra Silva - Sergiy Stakhovsky
Andrey Kuznetsov - Albert Montanes
Adrian Ungur - Benoit Paire
Juan Monaco - Bastian Knittel
John Isner - Evgeny Donskoy
Tobias Kamke - Julien Benneteau
Fernando Verdasco - Xavier Malisse
Tommy Robredo - Alex Bogomolov jr.
Marinko Matosevic - Guillaume Rufin
Radek Stepanek - Matt Reid
Julian Reister - Lukas Rosol
Kenny de Schepper - Paolo Lorenzi

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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Play will start on Monday.
Good luck everyone!
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Paire
BU: Mahut
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Kubot
BU: Stakhovsky
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Almagro
BU: Kubot
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Stakhovsky
BU: Mahut



[TT]: Singles - Entry #50 Doubles - Entry #75 Partner: bry17may
Olympic Gold Medalist @ Rio2016

[FITD]: Entry #19 Race #21
[PAW]: Entry #11 Race #12
[DTT]: Singles - Entry #2 Doubles - Entry #8 / RIP DDT
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Kubot
Back-Up: Rosol
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: Paire


~♠ Gasquetaires ♠~

un pour tous, tous pour un
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon



Marcel Granollers,Marc,Cuevas,Nestor,Zimonjic


fan of doubles tennis,support all of Marcel's friends

even no forever partners,there is forever friends...
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1: de Schepper
Backup: Mahut

Peter Polansky
Nestor - Chvojka - Pospisil - Raonic - Peliwo
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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon

Day 1 Paire (Stepanek)
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