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Re: Kiwi interviews & articles

Sport1 interview translated:

"Then I should better not play there anymore"

Hamburg - Nicolas Kiefer was upset because of two reasons.

First, because he lost to Sebastien Grosjean in the 2nd round of the Hamburg Masters, second, because the late scheduling drove him crazy.

"We must get support"

Simply because of the TV broadcast, Kiefer had to play the evening session, although he had agreed with tournament director Walter Knapper to be scheduled on the afternoon.

The 27 year-old will draw the consequences about that: "I like playing tournaments in Germany, because I owe that to my fans. But I'm thinking about it if I'm coming back to Hamburg next year. If that happens again, I'm not coming anymore. Why should I play there if they're scheduling my matches when they want? We're in Germany here and the German players have to be supported", he said angrily on

"I was agreed upon with Waltner Knapper, that I can play in the afternoon. Normally, you would think that German players are accommodated at a German tournament. I prepared myself as if I had played at noon and then I get to hear that I'm going to play at the evening", said Kiefer.

Because of the warmer temperatures, the surface would have been faster what would have suited Kiefer's game. Instead of that, the Hannoverian had to play at evil cold around half past eight at the evening.

Bad TV ratings

The calculation with the TV ratings of the channel XXP didn't come out even, neither did Kiefer's match: Only 20000 were supposed to have followed the match.

"I spoke with Boris about that, he also couldn't understand the late scheduling because of this little channel. That cannot be an explanation and it's simply a lame excuse. The evening before, a German also didn't play. If XXP really had an interest in me remaining in this tournament, they'd better had it done the way I liked it", Kiefer explained.

Home court advantage not used

Despite all, Kiefer doesn't want the outer circumstanctes to be valid as an excuse, like other German players did it.

"I started really well and I played agressively as I wanted to. Then I lost a bit my plot and the tension. This can happen, but it's a pity because I wanted it so badly", Kiefer said disappointed.

"At the end it's me and about me what I do on the court. I had my chances and I didn't take them, but to really let me advance, they should have better scheduled me at noon, when the surface was faster. We must use our home court advantage, like in Davis Cup, but this isn't done here. I'm coming to Germany and I'm getting disadvantages. So why should I play here again?", the 27 year-old was wondering.

Planning reliability in Düsseldorf

Kiefer knows about that he isn't going to create himself many friends by saying this critic. But the he holds on his oppinion and doesn't want to disguise.

His anticipation is the World Team Cup in Düsseldorf next week. There he has two certainties: He can play there three times and it's going to be for sure in the afternoon.

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