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Originally Posted by mer View Post
lol His fate would't be that dramatic. They would try to reason with him first - threats and bribes of some kind. Then, if he stood his ground they would start a small (he's not that prominent) smear campaign, finding some dirty laundry, both real and fake. If he has any business he would have to close it due to tax or maybe criminal investigations. In the end I think he would leave Russia and move to Europe.
........i know, I know dear....I just think maybe a stint in a cell with one of the girls from Pussy Riot would do him some good....but maybe not.....his relative lack of profile and occupation with relatively low-key NN projects is what will hopefully see him through his term unscathed and hopefully able to get out of the mess he's in now - sadly, I think his dream of being able to help people politically has died...the last few appearances - in terms of the photos anyway (only a fractional glimpse of what is going on with him, obviously) ... I dunno....the 'atmosphere' of them looks more like his immediately pagents, nightclubs.... and no sign of Anna... but hanging with his tennispeople again - SASHA!! - Zhenya.. Dennis, Irakli...they have all been conspicuous by their absence in recent times......maybe its just me but it seems like something's changed...then again - I guess I must be close to a hopeless optimist when it comes to MArat...

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