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Re: Jarkko Nieminen and other Finnish players

These are my opinions from finnish players Lauri Kiiski, Timo Nieminen and Janne Holmia.

Lauri Kiiski (24y) is the best player from these guys. He has said that this year he will try hard, but if he doesn't have success he will probably stop playing his international tennis tournaments.
I think ATP400 will be top ranking to Kiiski. His highest ranking was ATP427 (9.9.02).

Timo Nieminen (23y) is really doing his military service. He will play two finnish future-tournaments in June. I don't believe that Timo will receive again the best level he played in 2003 when his ranking was ATP254 (21.7.03). Timo's tennis is absolutely too soft to get rankings better than ATP400-500.

Janne Holmia (22y) is talent player. He is still studying in some US-College. Last summer he won outdoor finnish championship, but the best finnish players were not playing in that tournament. I don't believe that Janne will have possibilities to make top 500. Maybe he doesn't start real tennis pro tours at all??

So Juho Paukku (18y) is the only real finnish hope for the future. I'll think he will make at least top 300 - maybe even 200!
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