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I agree with you, Ira and for this legislation AGAINST what we hope are his true feelings and \ or beliefs only makes him the worst kind of hipocrite...even sacrificing his career and personal standing would not be enough...I am sure he is not totally unaware of where dissent from the party line might land him....and I don't think there are too many posh restaurants and nightclubs or 'beauty pageants' to judge in the siberean gulag.....I know he went into e thing with the idea of being able to 'help' a lot rather then the few....but frankly I would rather he got out asap and just did his little projects with the odd tennis player or wheelchair bound child artist than continue to push buttons for putin.......I still dont know how he can look Sveta in the eye....but maybe he is such a part of the elite that he just can't see that its one law for them and another for the proles...:-(

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