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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Setting new records - That's the way Rafa does comeback! :sp

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Here's what I read in the criminal news section today. Two guys went to an 80 year old lady to her apartment to ask money for buying alcohol. One of them was an acquaintance of hers. Both guys were already pretty drunk. When she didn't want to give them money, they started assaulting her and one of them even injured her neck with a knife. But the old lady managed to lock the apartment door from the inside and then lock herself into a room so the guys couldn't get to her. Then she called the police. When the police came, she threw the keys to them through her window. The guys had wanted to get out, of course, but they couldn't because it was a metal door. So the police came inside and arrested both guys. One of them had hidden in a closet.

What an amazing grandma She's in a hospital right now but she should recover soon.
That's awesome!

Originally Posted by Dextertje View Post
So it will be NYC for christmas!! Thailand will wait a bit more
Nice! You'll enjoy it for sure. Going to a Rangers or Islanders game while you're there?

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
You know the anti-gay marriage protests during the RG final?

They plan on causing havoc during the Tour de France as well.

What's wrong with these people?
So glad the US Supreme Court ruled in a way that might make same-sex marriages legal in the US.

Originally Posted by scoobs View Post
I see he's banned again

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
I'm thinking about buying the new iphone once it comes out.
As am I. I have an iPhone 4. I've resisted the 5. But when the 5S comes out, I might get it. Or maybe by then the 5 might be free (with a contract, of course) and I'll just go to the 5. My phone is the only Apple product I have but I like it.

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
Can't they replace him with Rafa and say it was a bad dream, the result got weirdly reversed or smth? D.

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
OK before I leave, where's Melanie? I need her opinion on Chicago's Stanley Cup win and cute Milos' slump of late. Lost today again, to a mug named Sijsling.
I am here. I've read the thread a few times but this is a very busy time of year for me at work. I haven't watched much Wimbledon either, partly because of work, partly because Rafa is no longer in it.

I heard Milos lost but I didn't see any of it. I hope he can turn it around soon.

I'm okay with Chicago's win. I preferred them over Boston but I didn't really want either of them to win the cup. Chicago had an excellent (huge) turnout for the Stanley Cup parade. They are a great hockey city. (Boston is too. Both these cities are part of the Original 6 - the first 6 teams in the NHL, along with Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and New York.)

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Kristians Pelss was one of the best young Latvian hockey players. He was 20 years old and had played in North America for the last three years. He came home for the summer on June 10th and was greeted at the airport by his friends and family. They later went out to celebrate his return. Kristians mentioned that he wanted to go swimming but his friends didn't want to go. Later, about one o'clock that night, Kristians was walking home alone and he jumped from a bridge into Daugava. He drowned.

So pointless
I hadn't heard. How sad.

Canada turns 146 years old on July 1.

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