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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

honest to God, there are some banned users that I never want to 'see' in my life. You don't get permanent ban just because mods or whoever don't like you. Chances are you got 15/20 infractions before mods have to ban you. Meaning, you keep breaking the rules and you don't want to smarten up/change. Btw, every single forum on the internet regardless if it's about cooking or sport have an option to ban members permanently if they don't follow the rules of that particular forum.

On the other hand, there are some banned members that I really miss. Feldman is one of them. He was funny and intelligent but he also always pushed the limits. He'd say outrageous/really nusty stuff about Djokovic (my favorite player), and I would laugh because he was so witty. then he would PM me and we'd laugh together. We like completely different players, but we got along so well. I think he was misunderstood, and his sense of humor was too sophisticated for some people to understand. But, it's a tiny line.

So, I don't know.
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