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Re: Polish voodoo thread! - the Attention Seekers

Originally Posted by Nidhogg View Post
Forlan should let his hair out and put David Luiz in his place in the hair battle they got going.
i surprised to see him playing against brazil yesterday.... he must be at least 97 years old.

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Theres an ITF 25K next week in the club I play tennis and destroy all prick
This is the seed #7 from Bolivia (the bigger one).

I am already imagining all this weight over me

Is there any advice to conquer M-fat (Maria Fernanda Alvarez Teran???
would this be technically a threesome?

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
pink princess forum.

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Was probably for Fed hating.
i know that you have post partum depression but pretending to like federer is pushing too far .

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
Saulo wished I was that slim.
saulo like his women big boned.

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
I would blank finishingmug's goodrep from sight.
you would what? i don't understand this polish chav talk.

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
Cat in an Empty Apartment

Die—you can’t do that to a cat.
Since what can a cat do
in an empty apartment?
Climb the walls?
Rub up against the furniture?
Nothing seems different here
but nothing is the same.
Nothing’s been moved
but there’s more space.
And at nighttime no lamps are lit.

Footsteps on the staircase,
but they’re new ones.
The hand that puts fish on the saucer
has changed, too.

Something doesn’t start
at its usual time.
Something doesn’t happen
as it should.
Someone was always, always here,
then suddenly disappeared
and stubbornly stays disappeared.

Every closet’s been examined.
Every shelf has been explored.
Excavations under the carpet turned up nothing.
A commandment was even broken:
papers scattered everywhere.
What remains to be done.
Just sleep and wait.

Just wait till he turns up,
just let him show his face.
Will he ever get a lesson
on what not to do to a cat.
Sidle toward him
as if unwilling
and ever so slow
on visibly offended paws,
and no leaps or squeals at least to start.
are you practising for the new mong mong thread?
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