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Re: Andy's best chance ever to win Wimbledon

Originally Posted by Honestly View Post
Roger played well all year last year, except from the USO onward. He played well from the 2011 indoor season onward. So for a year he was playing really well and consistently. I don't see how he played better at Wimbledon or IW. It was the same level throughout. He hasn't lost as much power as you imply. He just hasn't played well since the AO.
I completely disagree. Either you didn't watch him during his prime or you've forgot. He would hit rocket winners from anywhere on the court with the forehand. Any ball which wasn't deep enough or with enough power would be attacked. It was the most lethal groundstroke in tennis.

Against Nadal at Indian Wells, he actually attacked in the manner he used to, whereas today, as I've said doesn't possess the consistent power he once did. During that match, he was hitting the ball harder throughout than as long as I could remember. As for the Murray Wimbledon final, Federer hasn't played a better all-round 3 sets against a big opponent in a pressure situation since Djokovic at Roland Garros and even still, I think Federer played better in the Wimbledon final. He was dictating points more against Murray than he was against Djokovic. Djokovic is hardly a powerhouse and looked to be the man with the easier power in the match. Federer was far from his best, but for the stage of his career he was at, was surprisingly stable in all areas.
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