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Re: Leg (upper and lower) workout tips?

Ill post some tips on squats for you, i had to do some work for a poster (which included exercises to improve leg strength).

• Make sure the athlete inhales deeply, this is to stop the athlete from bending forward. By inhaling deeply it also keeps the intrathoracic pressure. The athlete should also rotate their pelvis forward.
• The athlete must bend their knees with the bar behind their head (slowly is the key).
• Injury can be caused due to athletes bending their back, so it is essential to keep the back straight (this is due to the axis of flexion running through the hip joint)
• When the athlete’s thighs are parallel to the ground, they should extend their legs and straighten their torso.
• As one repetition is completed, exhale.

When the athlete becomes stronger, they should increase the amount of repetitions and sets they are completing. Also increasing the weight on the bar, will have a better effect.
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