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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Setting new records - That's the way Rafa does comeback! :sp

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
okay, so all good then. I mean it is easy to bash the mods but lets see what they really do before shouting disaster.
When I reported his post this happens

1. I got an infraction for baiting

2. They don't deleted his post even though I clearly explained them that it was against the forum rules in my report.

3. Obviouslly atennisfan got any infraction either

Only when I post what happened in GM showing the bizarre moderation in this case, like I posted here, they finally did what should have done from the beginning.

Anyway, your posts about this subject are funny.

They do nothing in a case of veiled accusation of doping -> it's ok for you, mods are right.

They end banning the guy -> oh, it's fine for me, nothing to see here then.

Too much Swiss for me... so neutral, so non-belligerency, so diplomatic.

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
Although, I also find it questionable if any talk about drugs and sports is censored.
Would be proper if we are discussing Roger awesome longevity in the game that I compared him with Manny Ramirez, an MVP baseball player doped according to him to extend his career? It is despicable to do that. There is already too much hatred and clownery in GM to allow that.

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