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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Setting new records - That's the way Rafa does comeback! :sp

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
I guess so but still, fedal#2, though? They're really scraping the barrel if they pick her.
She's VERY forgiving towards the bollocks uttered by certain tards while screaming "permaban him!!!!" towards other tards. Very biased
Aren't you a bit over-dramatizing here? I do not know fedal#2 (what is up with that name ) so I cannot really say. In the past I certainly felt that Nadal-fans enjoyed quite some freedom. It can certainly ruin the place if mods are very harsh and unfair, I agree.

HKZ was on my ignore list for a long time, he has served out at least 1 ban on MTF, but he claims to be more mature about it now. We'll see. I guess that I have no choice but to give them a fair chance, right?
I would say so, some people may troll mostly on purpose and may be able to switch into a pretty neutral mode if they need to?!

Heck no. Now, I can just carefully select what to read, what to ignore, etc. As a moderator, you have to have a good overview of what's written on MTF, so you can't afford to just stick with only a few threads and ignore the rest.
And all the time that gets wasted If they pay me 50 bucks per hour I may consider it.

she is with an "if you disagree with me, you must be an idiot because I simply can't be wrong. I'm that fantastic" attitude
I would make one hell of a mod

"You cannot be a number one in the world and be a good loser"

- Magnus Carlsen
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