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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: Setting new records - That's the way Rafa does comeback! :sp

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
It is also a question of supply not just demand.
I guess so but still, fedal#2, though? They're really scraping the barrel if they pick her.
She's VERY forgiving towards the bollocks uttered by certain tards while screaming "permaban him!!!!" towards other tards. Very biased, she is with an "if you disagree with me, you must be an idiot because I simply can't be wrong. I'm that fantastic" attitude and now that she's a moderator, I can't even put her on ignore and I'll have to be careful to criticise her. Pffft.

HKZ was on my ignore list for a long time, he has served out at least 1 ban on MTF, but he claims to be more mature about it now. We'll see. I guess that I have no choice but to give them a fair chance, right?

Would you want to do it Hilde? I wouldn't....
Heck no. Now, I can just carefully select what to read, what to ignore, etc. As a moderator, you have to have a good overview of what's written on MTF, so you can't afford to just stick with only a few threads and ignore the rest.

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