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Re: A Question About Murder (A Novel Idea)?

Originally Posted by Mong Mong View Post
Okay since I can't wait to share my ideas, and my creative thought is short lived. I have to ask this question now

I am writing a novel. The theme is murder as revenge.

I am though having a problem about coming up with a good title for it.

I know it is going to be " ______ Casualties ", with the title being the number of people the main protagonist kills.

So, what number sounds good with Casualties?

Example: Three Casualties, Five Casualties, Nine Casualties, Or should it be something like 4 Casualties with the number is a digit?

Or it could be "X Casualties", meaning we don't know how many people he kills yet?
I don't like the idea of using the word "casualties" anyway to replace deaths. It sounds too much like pleasant old man wearing sweaters scented with lily perfume.

You need something darker, scarier.

And a good number is 7, if it's not cliche to yuo
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