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Mong Mong's Novel | The Preview in OP

He doesn’t believe in God anymore.
God didn’t protect him.
God didn’t save his loved ones.
God did not bring justice.

Twenty seven years of age, he looked at the crucifix with devil’s eyes.

He swore into an oath longing for flesh and blood.

A cold fire burning his heart; his anger fueling the desire to kill.

He will murder them.

People who bullied him.
People who hurt him.
People who abused him.
People who molested him.

They stole his life.
They stole his dreams.
They stole his dignity.
They stole his soul.

They killed his family.
His mother
His father
His brothers

They killed his friends.
They killed his loved ones.
The man of his dream.
The man of his desires.

What is justice?
What is revenge?

How far should justice be served?
How far should revenge go?

A heart filled with hate, lies a battle for a conscience: a conscience divided by reasoning and emotions.

This is his conquest, a diabolical pursuit.
Acceptable? According to him, it is rightfully so.

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