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Re: German Forum Schitt-Chat (in German/English)

Originally Posted by Hasilicious
Hi Neely, I'm still reeling over Tommy's big loss this morning. I know you are very glad for Keifer! Tommy just seemed so not there. I hate for him to lose like that.

Can you tell me why Keifer's nickname is Kiwi?

Hi Hasilicious, the articles I have read about this match sounded really worrying, to say the least. I have told you in Tommy's forum already how he was quoted according to his own statements. Obviously, he didn't give much for his appearance in Rome and preferred to show up at least, not to get fined for pulling out at short notice. I don't blame him at all for being honest about that (how many players do the same and just don't speak it out?! Robredo today? just to name an example... ) but the fact that he said it, tells us something not good is going on currently.

As for the nickname question, I have searched this thread for you: Why do u call Kiefer Kiwi?

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