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Re: SI dares to claim: Serena can be compared with Federer in GOAT discussion

Originally Posted by WinterIsComing View Post
The writer must have been very drunk, this is not even funny.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
"In the match-up of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, I am not too sure if Novak Djokovic would come out on top handily. He might if Serena would have one of those rough days. It would be more of a coin toss. This would perhaps be the most interesting of all the match-ups considering that both players can defend well, can hit through their opponents and return well. It would definitely be a match worth watching. In a best-of-three, I would go with Serena, although Djokovic would have an equal chance of taking it, but I stick with Serena."
The worst thing is that he was actually serious about that, it is disturbing that such people are allowed to live outside mental institutions.

I think a totally dedicated and fit Serena can be in the top 200 of men's tour.

Hian talking about where Serena Williams would be in ATP
Serena could be easily in Top 100.
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