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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post

About Marat, does anyone know what happened with the Tennis Federation, why did he leave? Just because there was no money/perspective and he didn't like it there or did he have some conflict with Shamil?
Hi, Maria I haven't been keeping up with that side of things much, but this is the most recent interview with Marat that I could find on the subject. I guess if there had been any real conflict with Shamil, Marat would have kept it private, so maybe he's just fully occupied with his, er, new life.

Originally Posted by mer View Post
Nothing specifically bad. I just remember her saying smth in the lines let's not discuss him when presenter mentioned his name. I think it was around the time anti-adoption law was passed.
How did she sound when she said it? Irritated, indifferent? I just checked her Facebook friends list (idle curiosity ) and found Dinara on it, but not Marat. How disappointed his more liberal-minded friends must be with him.

Originally Posted by mer View Post
It's worse. Individuals ‘promoting homosexuality’ using internet will be fined up to 100,000 rubles.
*converts into pounds sterling* Bloody hell. Well, it's going to cost sites like, etc. a pretty penny, because their galleries are heaving with photos of scantily clad dancers simulating lesbian sex. Perhaps Marat will collect the fines the next time he's in Premier Lounge.

Originally Posted by mikomonstr View Post
Thanks so much for that Martina screen-cap, Monkey! I missed that the 1st time around. Hoping all is well with you (long time, no chat!) as well as everybody else here. Xo
Hope life is good with you too, Miko! Martina should collar him at the earliest opportunity. It really makes you wonder what Marat will do if one of his own kids turns out to be gay ...

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

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