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Re: SI dares to claim: Serena can be compared with Federer in GOAT discussion

Originally Posted by Stefwhit View Post
How insulting to a true competitor like Serena to be compared to a person who's scared of his greatest rivals. Competition has always been a motivating factor for Serena- she faces an obstacle and it pushes her to be better. Fed on the other hand has no problem with people who can't challenge him but let him face someone who doesn't bend willingly and someone who makes it so he has to fight for the win and u can rest assured he'll fold. I'm not saying Fed isn't a legend and an all time great his achievements mandate that as fact and I don't dispute that. I'm just saying u simply can not be the greatest of all time when u lose more than u win against your biggest competitors. Real compition pushes Serena to excellence while real competition pushes Roger to tears. In the instances where Serena's pushed to tears she uses that experience to propel herself- the sign of a real GOAT.

In over achievements: Fed > Serena
In fighting spirit and heart: Serena >>>>> Fed
Peak dominance on tour: Serena > Fed
In facing off against main rivals and top players: Serna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fed

Honest question for everyone to ponder: if you had to pick one player at their respective peak to face off and play someone on tour for your life or for a loved ones life who would you chose to play that match for you- Serena or Federer? (At the time u have to decide you don't know their opponent or surface, but the players recognize the importance of the match and know the stakes)
first of all, nobody showing 'disrespect' to Serena. Also comparing their fighting spirits, achievements, respective peaks etc. is a complete nonsense. I respect both of them but comparing them is absolutely ridiculous.

Compare Graf and Serena. fine with me, and Graf is the GOAT. At least she had some competition, she also won more majors, she won the true GRAND SLAM (meaning all 4 majors in one year). people, wake up.
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